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John Hybarger, Chairperson



Chairperson Hybarger, representing the First Supervisorial District, was appointed on May 15, 2001. He is a life-long resident of the city of Baldwin Park where he has been a teacher for over three decades. He and his wife have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Always in love with the landscape, Commissioner Hybarger enjoys hiking, bicycling, travel, fishing and shooting, and being with people who enjoy the out-of-doors.

Having hunted and fished since boyhood, Commissioner Hybarger, who grew up on Boy's Life and the writings of Jack O'Connor, Robert Ruark, Ernest Hemingway and other classical outdoor writers, respects the romance and tradition of the outdoorsman, and considers that ethic important to a true respect for the land and wildlife that is quickly disappearing.

To encourage the continuance of the adventurous and outdoor life for young people, Commissioner Hybarger sponsors and conducts an outdoor recreation and education program for junior high school boys and girls. The Urban Wilderness Outing focuses on appreciating and using the many varieties of outdoor encounters that are available throughout Los Angeles County and neighboring sites.

Believing in being an active participant in conservation and sportsman's issues, along with a number of professional organizations, Commissioner Hybarger has been a member and Director/Secretary for the Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep for many years. He also holds memberships with the Wildlife Society, The Responsible Anglers Association, the Fishing in the City Program, Cal Trout, Jane Goodall Institute, Ocean Institute, and is a volunteer with the San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy. Commissioner Hybarger is currently the Secretary for the California Association of County Fish and Wildlife Commissioners.

Commissioner Hybarger is an advocate for hunting and fishing activities which are supported by healthy habitats, good management policies based on accurate scientific data, and legislation that recognizes the need to maintain ecological sound areas that provide for human access so that the traditional sportsman's activities can be enjoyed by current and future generations.




Lee Wax, Vice Chairperson



Commissioner Lee Wax, representing the Second Supervisorial District was appointed on August 9, 2011 and currently serves as Vice Chairperson.

A native of Arkansas, Commissioner Wax has become a lifelong advocate of fishing and hunting. Commissioner Wax, a union representative and political director has over 50 years in civil service, 34 years at Department of Water and Power (DPW) and 20 years as a Political Director for both DWP and Probation Officers, which has shaped a lifelong career in advocacy.

Most recently Commissioner Wax represents city employees in Compton, Lynwood, Commerce and Pasadena as well as employees of the Housing Authority and Metro Transportation Authority.

Commissioner Wax at one time owned the largest minority owned maternity wear company in the USA. The brand was shown in 400 stores and in Saudi Arabia.

Having excelled in both sports and while music and exploring a second career in music had that dream short circuited by a serious accident with a dog bite.

Commissioner Wax receiving awards too numerous to mention is most proud of being a medal of valor recipient from Los Angeles. He is a member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionist and a former board member of the A. Philip Randolph Institute.





John C. Conroy



Commissioner John C. Conroy, representing the Third Supervisorial District, was appointed on May 26, 2015. Commissioner Conroy is currently a State Park Peace Officer with the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation. He has over a decade of professional public service including work in environmental education and outdoor recreation. Commissioner Conroy is dedicated to ensuring educational opportunities for all residents of Los Angeles County and the preservation of the County’s unique and precious resources.








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James W. Etter



Commissioner James W. Etter, representing the Fifth Supervisorial District, was appointed on August 2, 2011. He is a native of Southern California, who grew- up in the good times of the 40’s and 50’s. As a life-long advocate for youth in the L.A. County community, he has served more than 10,000 hours of community service, thought to be his finest moments. His associations include Boy Scouts of America, the United Methodist Church, YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association), American Legion, and other organizations. He is also a Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran, serving in the Navy Air Corps.

Commissioner Etter has been a working actor for the past 60 years, and an avid Screenwriter, Lighting Technician, Studio Operations Technical Coordinator for Stephen J. Cannel Production and Aaron Spelling. Indie Films afforded him an opportunity to work as a Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, and Assistant Director. He currently works as an events planner and promoter, producing Car Shows and such venues.

Commissioner Etter has served as a Burbank Police Commissioner, a member of the Burbank Parks and Recreation Board and the L.A. County Water Appeals Board. He also served as an Administrative Assistant to State Assembly Members as well as Members of Congress, and a working advocate - Lobbyist to the state Industrial Welfare Commission.

Not indifferent to a formal education, where he has collected nine years, life in general, not college, has brought the biggest challenges and most of his learning opportunities.